Terms of use


Introduction: - Verkoper services are provided by PHP SOFT SOLUTIONS, its office is at S.C.O 32, Top Floor, Phase 2, Mohali; it is an platform for the sellers to improve their Business or Marketing, those who sell their products only through offline custom, which is a century old style of Marketing. Verkoper gives all those vendors and customers a new Online upgraded means of selling and buying goods, services :- Vendors who registered on Verkoper.in may be big sellers or small entrepreneurs etc. who wanted to become a part of Online selling and wanted to enhance their business. On Verkoper,vendors can make their shop become online by getting registered to the website, but verkoper don’t guarantee for the improvement in their Business. Verkoper just share the information of the vendor and their product to Customers. Products of their needs. Verkoper is merely medium for TRICITY’s Local vendors & customers. But being registered on Verkoper doesn’t guarantee you for Business or sales. Verkoper’s main objective behind this online selling and buying project is to; make shopping hassle free with respect to save time of customers. Subscription

General Terms: -

The Terms of Service include, Terms and Conditions in which the vendor is solemnly responsible to maintain the rule and regulations of the Verkoper. The contract shall be valid and effective for 1 (one) months from the date of Registration. Verkoper may terminate account from the website without notifying to the vendor and here all vendors deemed to agree with this unconditionally and also agree that in case of any conflicts between the present Terms & conditions or the updated Terms & Conditions on website they would prevail the updated Terms & Conditions. Verkoper is entitled to change their Terms & conditions at any time without notifying vendors personally about the changes. It is vendor’s responsibility to check it. In respect to Bronze and Premium, the payment mode is Online Payments only. It is formulated that, registered vendor’s their contact numbers in the DO NOT DISTURB registry of TRAI, on signing of the contract, the vendors would have to empower Verkoper to share their details to the customers.

Broadcast Information:-

Verkoper broadcast the information to the customers via Goggle, Radio, Newspaper, YouTube& Facebook .

Vendor’s Listing & Pricing:-

There are 3 Packages-

1) Free Trial : It is for first 30 days only. 2) Bronze : It is of Rs. 599/- per month. 3) Premium : It is of Rs. 1499/- per month.

In case the vendor fails to make payment on time as per the chosen plan, Verkoper may suspend that account from the website without notifying him, all of his details will cease off from Verkoper.in and also the access of the account.

No Guarantee of Business:-

Verkoper doesn’t guarantee vendors for their sales of product or Business.

No Marketing:-

Verkoper doesn’t do any kind of marketing for the vendors.

Privacy Liabilities:-

Vendors must keep the information’s of the customers private both, during the legacy of contract and also after the contract or termination as per Data Protection Act. Using Customer’s information especially restricted from probing any commercial gain. Here vendor is breaching the Terms & Conditions and Verkoper can Terminate his/her account from the website.

Vendor’s Liability:-

Vendors enact and sanction that,(a) it’s a authentic business organization,(b) it can use trademark, (c)the business doesn’t profane or impose any law(d)all information provided to verkoper shall be explicit and gross(e)it would be solely subject and compelled for information provider(f)Vendor shall not have the right to terminate the contract before 1 month from the activation date, for transparency between vendors and verkoper and verkoper will not refund any money. Vendors agree that they would be only entertained when they are in live contract; else in case of account suspension, termination, etc Verkoper is not going to entertain them. It’s solely duty of vendors to keep their account updated and check the account related notification and also to update products on the website.

Additional Clause:-

Vendors agree that, customers complaint or query would be handled by vendors only. Also the Verkoper doesn’t check customer’s details. In case the vendor get negative reviews or complaint regarding same issue more than 2 times, his/her account from Verkoper may be terminated.

Cease on Account:-

Verkoper can terminate the account at any time, without even notifying to vendor. Verkoper will not refund any money to the vendors after deduction.


Verkoper only send notice via email. If vendors don’t go through the emails that would be solely vendors fault, in case they miss something important.

Modification in Terms & Conditions:-

Verkoper may change its Terms & Conditions at any point of time without intimatingto the vendors, It’s solely vendors duty to visit the website and get update with information.